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PhotoInvaders is a arcade game like Space Invaders. With it's integrated designer you can easy modify the game. You can load photos from people at your place of work or from the teachers of your school and shoot them down. You can replace the bombs with computers or bananas and even the sounds can be replaced. PhotoInvaders is free ware for Windows 95 / 98 / NT / ME / 2000. Supported languages are english, german, dutch, swedish, portuguese, catalan and indonesian.

Here is a screen shot of the designer. When you have created a new game, you can save it as zip-file and share it with your friends. A file ziper and e-mail function is included. When you send you game to pi @ I will add it to the gallery on this site. Here you will find many game designs to download. Drag the downloaded file into the PhotoInvaders window and enjoy.

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And here is my sponsor. I am looking for new sponsors. What's about a PhotoInvaders version with the logo of your company ? Please contact me at this address: pi @

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